Avocado Hummus

This is truly the perfect party dip, in my opinion. A combination of two classics (guac and hummus) that will win you over after one dip. This dip goes great with sliced up veggies, pita, or tortilla chips.



-1 Whole Ripe Avocado

-1 c of chickpeas (drained and rinsed)

-1 T of Tahini

-Juice of Half a Lemon

-1 Garlic Clove Minced or Pressed (if you cook with fresh garlic a lot, I highly suggest getting a garlic press. Here’s the one I use. It will literally change your life)

-1 t of Both Salt and Pepper

-1/3 t Ground Cumin


Place all ingredients in your food processor or whatever you use to blend your dips and you’re all set! I topped mine with some paprika and EBTB seasoning, naturally.


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