GF Rich and Hearty Garlic Lemon Pasta

Say hello to your new favorite pasta dish! This seriously blew away our taste buds and became an instant favorite with the first bite.

This pasta is full of healthy fats, yummy veggies, and ingredients that work wonders on your gut (hello bone broth!).

I know the term “gluten free” can be a huge turn off for people who don’t follow a gluten free diet, but I find this dish to be on the “this tastes so unhealthy I can’t believe its actually good for me” side of things. So if you love pasta and are sick of your normal red sauce (me) then please give this one a try!

The rich flavor in this dish comes mainly from the ghee its sautéed in! Ghee is essentially clarified butter which is dairy free and a lot more flavorful


-1 lb chicken breast sliced into bite sized pieces

-1 bunch of broccolini

-Approx. 15 thin asparagus spears (thin is better for this recipe)

-1 handful of baby spinach

-10 (or so) cherry tomatoes, halved

-Handful of zucchini noodles

-Handful or 2 of chickpea pasta (or regular is you’re not GF)

-4 garlic cloves, smashed

-1 T avocado oil

-1 T  Fourth and Heart Pink Salt Ghee

-2 T Bonafide Provisions Chicken Bone Broth

-Goat cheese crumbles

-Juice of half a lemon (ish)

-S&P to taste



Saute sliced chicken breast in some avocado oil and ghee. In separate pot, start boiling pasta of your choice.

Add asparagus, broccolini, garlic cloves, s&p, and most of your lemon juice to pot with chicken still cooking. Add a couple T of bone broth and let that steam with the lid on until veggies are tender.

Remove lid and add halved cherry tomatoes and zucchini noodles, let cook for another 2 mins. Once done add cooked pasta, more lemon juice, s&p. Top with goat cheese and red pepper flakes.


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